UWSMP Strategic Plan

Our Mission

The UW South Madison Partnership (UWSMP) acts as a connector among Madison-area families, community organizations, and UW-Madison faculty, students, and staff.

We seek to foster mutually beneficial partnerships that reflect the priorities of the South Madison community. In our shared event and program space on South Park Street, the UWSMP promotes an environment of belonging, access, and awareness of both community and university resources, and opportunities for building quality relationships.

We are committed to strengthening our local communities and impacting positive outcomes in the areas of community development and civic engagement, education, and health.

Strategic Priorities

  • Foster mutually beneficial partnerships between local community and campus partners.
  • Enable co-creative, equitable, and sustainable use of UWSMP space.
  • Listen and build trust with the South Madison community to responsibly contribute to the success of the neighborhood.
  •  Center community priorities, goals, knowledge, experience, and expertise in connection with student learning and community-engaged research.
  • Act as an accessible bridge to UW-Madison resources of higher education, community capacity-building, and public research.
  • Increase our capacity to identify opportunities for collaboration and better understand our impact so we can respond effectively and continue to improve as a partner.