A photo of Madison, WI taken from the sky on a gray-clouded day. Green trees and lakes are visible.

Community University Partnership Awards

Learn about the award and 2024 recipients.
UW–Madison mascot Bucky Badger poses for a photo with attendees during the 9th Annual Unity Picnic held outside the new Black Business Hub at The Village on Park Street in Madison, Wis., on July 22, 2023.

Putting the ‘unity’ in community

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In the Community

UW South Madison Partnership

Located in The Village on Park, the UW South Madison Partnership (UWSMP) is a UW–Madison initiative designed to meet the South Madison community’s needs and foster mutually beneficial relationships.

UWSMP hosts offices, classrooms, and gathering space that welcome community members, researchers, and students. Take a video tour of the space and learn how to reserve a room at UWSMP.