South Madison Partnership

South Madison Partnership

The UW South Madison Partnership (UWSMP) is a UW–Madison initiative designed to meet the South Madison community’s needs and foster mutually beneficial relationships.

Located in The Village on Park, the space recently underwent an expansion and encourages engagement between community members and UW–Madison in accessible and meaningful ways. The new space, completed in summer 2020, now has five private offices, eight classrooms, co-working spaces, three conference rooms, a kitchenette and an open gathering space to better support current and future growth as an important community resource.

The expansion project allows more community members, researchers and students to facilitate joint projects. Along with increased programming, there will also be new opportunities for partnerships with both campus and community organizations.

UWSMP partners with 22 community organizations and works with campus partners across eight schools and colleges, five divisions and two institutes, in addition to the Division of Extension. Programming at the UWSMP includes the UW Odyssey Project, which offers a free humanities course for adult students facing economic barriers to college, and the Neighborhood Law Clinic, which provides a range of legal and advocacy services to low-income community members.

Room reservations now available: If you are affiliated with a UW South Madison Partnership (UWSMP) partner or the UW–Madison community, you may now reserve rooms for community-facing programming and events. Find out more.

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Villager Mall
2238 South Park Street
Madison, WI 53713


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“(The South Madison Partnership) brings the Wisconsin Idea into the community in a very comfortable and welcoming way.”

Fabu Carter, Wisconsin Alzheimer's Disease Research Center

SMP Goals

  • Bring together UW–Madison groups and programs that are already working with the South Madison community
  • Build, promote, and host community-based learning courses
  • Work with community partners to engage the community in a space that is more accessible and open to meeting community needs
  • Build on community strengths to create new equitable, mutually-beneficial partnerships for long-term positive impact
  • Act as a gateway to the greater UW–Madison campus

UWSMP Advisory Group

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UWSMP Advisory Group Members

Valentina Ahedo, Madison College

Erin Bailey-Winston, UW Carbone Center Cancer Health Disparities Initiative

Jerrod Buckner, Morgridge Institute for Research

Fabu CarterWisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center

Sheri Carter, Madison Common Council

Prenicia Clifton, UW–Madison Precollege and Youth Programs

Mary Beth Collins, UW–Madison School of Human Ecology

Sarah Esmond, UW–Madison Collaborative Center for Health Equity

Merry Farrier-Babanovski, UW South Madison Partnership

Annalee Good, Wisconsin Center for Education Research

Laura Green, Catholic Multicultural Center

Lane Hanson, UW–Madison Center for Patient Partnerships

Mitch, UW–Madison Law School Neighborhood Law Clinic

Kevin Mullen, UW–Madison Odyssey Project

Brenda González, UW–Madison Community Relations

Emily Reynolds, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Hedi RuddBadger Rock Neighborhood Center

Karen Menendez Coller, Centro Hispano

Beth Tryon, UW–Madison Morgridge Center for Public Service

Nasra Wehelie, Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin